altElsey is a Bodo x Lindsey daughter.

She shows the same intensity in protection as her mother Lindsey.

She produced already super with Rambo and special with Nick and Max.

A young very talented female is Diva van Tiekerhook. With 4 months she bites on a full hard sleeve!!!

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famke_werk2_kleinFamke is a Yoschy x Ninja daughter.

Always and in every situation a hard, full and serious grip. She is stud by Max and is in New Zealand (police).

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van Tiekerhook is
Koos Hassing
Tel.: +31-40-2043304
Handy: +31-6-38904948

van Tiekerhook is
member of the German SV
member of the Dutch VDH
member of USA Schutzhund

van Tiekerhook is
last updated on:
Febr. 14th. 2018