altPepper is the last daughter from Inka x Ludo v. Tiekerhook.

She shows a very intensive drive with much social aggression in the protection. This comes of her grandfather Xato von der bösen Nachbarschaft which was a very serious male. Pepper's grandmother is the famous Steffi van Tiekerhook (mother of the World champion Orry).

Two dogs in the bloodline which brought a world champion!!!!!

Pepper has also a very good conformation. On the Dutch Hauptzuchtschau she made SG with a very good report. Her litter from Max van Tiekerhook was very good in drive and behaviour. Owner is my personal helper Maarten Verzaal - Zoeterwoude (

pepper_rivier 1 pepper_socagr 1 pepper_socagr 2 pepper afstandstellen

Hold and bark
Social aggresion
Social aggression
Courage test



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