Wolff_standWolff is a son of Lex x Gina.

On the video he is 15 months old. Line-bred 2-2 on my Nick. With his very good conformation he shows a very energetic grip, hard and full in all situations.

Hips and elbows are super. Both A-normal and DNA tested.

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altQuick is a Rambo and Elsey daughter. She is line-bred 2-3 on Yoschy!!!!!!

She is a super bitch with extremely drives and hard protection with good social aggression. Also very good conformation!!!

When you see the protection of Yoschy, his daughter Lindsey, her daughter Elsey and now her daughter Quick than you can see what I mean with genetic drives!!!

SchH.II Kkl.II

She passed away november 2008.

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gina_kopGina (VH.II, Kkl.II for life) is a Nick x Byorka daughter.

Gina shows in the barking a very intensive drive. The pups from Lex v. Tiekerhook x Gina are super. She is a very stable bitch in all situations!

Wolff (2-2 Nick) is a very talented male. (see his video).

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Taila (VH.III, Kkl.II for life) is from Yoschy and Vixem.

Taila is one of my super producing bitches with Nick. Two other super dogs are Max and Manus (owner Manus: Sujah Bholah UK). Also 3 very talented females: Liat, Rike and Thaira van Tiekerhook.

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Lindsey was a Yoschy x Vixem daughter.

A bitch with extremely hard protection in all situations!

She was one of my best breeding bitches!!!!

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